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  1. Study of flow with variable head inlet and variable head outlet using the adjustable outlet orifice.
  2. Study of flow over triangular hump section.
  3. Study of flow under a sluice gate (undershot weir).
  4. Visualization of flow around objects through the injection of ink into the flow.



MINIATURE FLOW CHANNEL equipment allows the student to study water flow in an open channel and to visualize the flow around objects. It is designed for use with Hydraulics Bench, but can be used as a stand-alone unit when connected to a suitable water supply and drain.
The apparatus consists of an open channel of rectangular cross section supported at its inlet end by a reservoir tank, and at the outlet end by a frame. The channel walls are made from acrylic so that full visibility of the flow characteristics can be achieved. A number of test models are provided along with an ink injector to allow streamlines to be observed. This Flow Channel provides a low cost experiment with an easy to set up and use operation.

experiment video
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