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    1. Determine the impact of jets against a flat surface, a curve surface of 120 and a hemispherical surface.



Photon impact of jet apparatus enables students to determine the reaction of a jet of water on deflection surface with different angles.
Also this module shows the influence of flow velocity and flow rate with different deflection angles.
The apparatus is supported on a base into which a vertical water supply pipe is fitted. Surrounding the supply pipe is a transparent acrylic shield fitted with a top flanged cover assembly. The reaction vane is held within the transparent shield above the vertical water supply pipe nozzle by a rod which passes through the top cover and supports a flat tray, onto which masses may be placed. In operation, water from hydraulics bench is fed into the unit and a vertical jet is produced through the supply pipe and its interchangeable nozzle. The water from the jet is deflected by the reaction vane and drains through the large aperture in the base of the chamber.

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