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  1. Bernoulli Experiment.
  2. Flow over Weirs.
  3. Hydrostatic Pressure Apparatus
  4. Orifice and Free Jet Flow.
  5. Flow Meter Demonstration.
  6. Impact of Jets.
  7. Energy Losses in Bends.
  8. Flow Visualization Apparatus.
  9. Osborne-Reynolds Demonstration.
  10. Stability of a Floating Body.
  11. Friction loss in Pipes.
  12. Flow Channel (2.5 m).
  13. Miniature Flow Channel.
  14. Demonstration Pelton Turbine.
  15. Surge Tank and Water Hammer Unit.
  16. Particle Drag Coefficient Apparatus.
  17. Free and Forced Vortex Apparatus.
  18. Orifice Flow Meter.
  19. Series / Parallel Pump Demonstrator.



HYDRAULIC BENCH  is equipment is used to study the behavior of fluids, hydraulic theory and properties of the fluid mechanics. All modules in fluid mechanics laboratory needs provided with hydraulic bench in order to run the experiment and determination of volumetric flow rate. A measuring rectangular tank is used for measuring the small volumetric flow rates. A measuring beaker and stopwatch are used for measuring the small flow rates and the time and hence determination of the volumetric flow rates.
The hydraulic bench is the heart of the fluid mechanics laboratory. It is consists of a high capacity tank, centrifugal pump, pump breaker starting, safety differential switch and contact light, volumetric tank, valves and over flow pipe that sends the excess water back to the suction tank. The top work surface of hydraulic bench enables the various experimental units to be
Easily and safely positioned.
Photon hydraulic bench is made of stainless steel, and mounted on wheels for mobility. The centrifugal pump power is 370 Watt; single phase 220 V. / 50 Hz. Level tube with scale is used to show the water level in the upper tank and flow adjusted by a valve. Flow baffles are used for reducing the turbulence rate.
The different modules are easy mounting without the use of any tools ensures their simplicity. The hydraulic bench is manufactured with corrosion resistant materials to ensure a long life of the equipment. Each module is supplied as a complete piece of equipment with easy and quick coupling to the bench, so maximizing the available time for the student to perform the demonstration or measurement experiment.

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