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  1. Study of uniform flow in inclined channel, verification of Chézy equation and determination of Chézy coefficient and Manning’s friction factor.
  2. Study of flow under a sluice gate (undershot weir) with application of specific energy and momentum functions.
  3. Hydraulic jump – determination of energy head and power loss at the jump section by means of specific energy considerations.
  4. Study of long base weir and calibration of broad crested weir.
  5. Study of venturi flume, observation of flow through a throated flume, calibration of the flume when used as a flow measuring instrument.
  6. Client may insert roughened surface in the channel for friction factor studies.
  7. Determination of hydraulic mean depth for the flow channel.
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FLOW CHANNEL equipment allows the student to study water flow in an open channel and also verify the Chézy equation and Manning’s friction factor.
It is designed for use with Hydraulics Bench fitted with auxiliary pump unit, but can be used as a stand-alone unit when connected to a suitable water supply and drain. The apparatus consists of an open channel of rectangular cross section supported at each end by frames, one of which is adjustable so that the slope of the channel may be varied. The channel walls are made from clear acrylic plastic so that full visibility of the flow characteristics can be achieved. This flow channel provides a low cost experiment with accuracy comparable with larger scale channel investigations.

  • Flow meter. Overflow weir.
  • Slope adjustment. Outlet section.
  • Flow rectifier Inlet section.
  • Supply tank. Middle section.
  • Regulating flow rate. Switch box.
  • Centrifugal pump.
  1. Measurement of throughput quantity.
  2. Measurement of pressure.
  3. Measurement of flow velocity.
  4. Influence of wall shape on flow.
  • Model radial gate.
  • Siphon spillway.
  • Hydraulics bench.
  • Auxiliary pump unit.
  • Manometer board.
  • Plate weirs set of two plates.
  • Sluice gate.
  • Crump weir.
  • Venturi meter.
  • Level gauge.
  • Pitot static tube.


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