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  1. Demonstration of Bernoulli’s theorem, the sum of pressure energy + Kinetic energy + potential energy = constant.
  2. Determination of Bernoulli’s theorem equation, convergent-divergent position.
  3. Observation the difference between convergent – divergent position.



Bernoulli’s principle demonstrator describes the relationship between the dynamic head, static head and the stagnation head of the fluid.
An increase in velocity head leads to a reduction in pressure head in a flowing fluid, and vice versa. This module also verifies that the total pressure of the fluid remains constant and this is known as the principle of conservation of energy of the flow.
Bernoulli’s principle demonstrator is consists of transparent section (convergent – divergent) with pressure tapings to measure the static pressure head values at the different sections. The pressure tapings are connected to a water transparent manometer. Also a pitot tube in connected to measure the height in every section. The water flow rate and the pressure in the module are adjusted by using control valve located at the end of the device. This device is used with hydraulic bench to measure the flow rate using the volumetric measuring tank.

experiment video
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